Mousse Magazine #49

Mousse Contemporary Art Magazine issue #49
Summer 2015
Digital color print, 35 x 24 cm
Contributions: Kathy Noble, Aram Moshayed, Philippe Pirotte, jens Hoffman, Hans Ulrich Obrist, Andrew Berardini, Barbara Casavecchia, Andgie Keefer, Kelly Taxter, Stefano Cernischi, Bart van der Heide, Lauren Cornell, André Piracard and Andrea Lissoni, Ute Meta Bauer, Laura McLean-Ferris, Tobi Maier, Jennifer Allen and others.
Published by: Mousse Publishing, 2015
ISBN: 9-772305-256103

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Mousse Magazine #48

/ It
Contemporary Art Magazine issue #48
 April – May 2015

Digital color print, 35 x 24 cm

Contributions: Andreas Angelidakis, Art About Fucking, Art and the Construction of a Future Politics, Artistic Research: Belonging and Expanding, Adelhyd va Bender, Pia Camil, Corporations abd the Exotic, Andrea Crespo, Simon Denny and Matt Goerzen, Cécile B Evans, Urs Fisher and Adam McEwen, Parviz Kimiavi, James Lovelock, The Multivesalist, From the Naked Future, The Political Potential of the Unpredictable, Reading the Roster: the 56th venice Biennale, Carolee Schneemann, Single-Origin Art, Jesse Stecklow, Daniel Steegmann Mangrané
Concept and Design: Marco Fasolini, Fausto Giliberti, Matteo Gualandris, Massimiliano Pace, Francesco Valtolina
Pre-print, printing and binding: CSQ, Erbusco (BS)
Published by: CONTRAPPUNTO s.r.l., 2015

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Mousse Magazine #51

Contemporary Art Magazine issue #51
December – January 2016
Digital color print, 35 x 24 cm
Conntent: 1985–1995 EXHIBITION VIEWS
ISBN: 9-772035-256097

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