Nuno da Luz

“One might say that a firework is nothing other than a tree or a big artificial flower that grows, blooms, and dies in the course of a few seconds. After that it withers and falls to the ground in unrecognizable shreds. Well then, let us take this firework and make it last a month, stretching the time element but leaving everything else as is. What we get will be a flower, with all the visual characteristics of other flowers. Or let us imagine the seed of a tree might explode like a bomb.”
Photo-luminiscent screenprint on paper
2 × (50 × 70 cm)
Printed as part of the Wilderness exhibition
Ed. 15 + 5 A.P., 2015

200.00 euros
Nuno da Luz

Süddeutsche Zeitung, 2. Oktober 2009

1096 × 1740 mm
Screen printing on paper with blue verso
Ed. 15 + 5 A.P.

150.00 euros